global day of action

Saturday 9th December was the Global Day of Action for Climate Change and many groups gathered and marched from the Bord Gáis Energy Theatre to the GPO. As we marched this year, COP28 was taking place in Dubai where it was said they “want the most ambitious outcome possible”. However, after plans to present meat as “sustainable nutrition” and with food and agriculture firms sending three times as many delegates to the conference as last year, how can we expect an ambitious outcome?

In relation to fossil fuels, RTE news said: The United Arab Emirates has promised to try again to strike a deal at the Dubai climate summit, with at-risk nations and Western powers rejecting a proposal that stopped short of phasing out fossil fuels. The 13-day COP28 summit has debated a historic first-ever global exit from oil, gas and coal. But a draft put forward by COP28 president Sultan Al Jaber, himself head of the UAE oil company, fell well short, instead presenting reductions in fossil fuels as one of several options…

It said the parties “could” take certain actions to reduce emissions rather than saying that they “will” or “must” take actions. And reference to fossil fuels was replaced with the term “emissions”, which is considered an escape clause to allow oil producers to carry on polluting.

We must take action together and demand better from our government and world leaders! 👊👊 How can we let a climate summit be led by the head of an oil company while also serving meat and dairy!?


We then joined up with the march for Palestine
and marched together from the GPO to the Dáíl!