In January 2024, Animal Rebellion Ireland and the National Animal Rights Association (NARA) began investigating Ireland’s pig industry.

The farms were chosen at random, in an effort to give an honest and unbiased insight into what really happens in Ireland.

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There are approximately 300 pig farms in Ireland, and on average around 3 million pigs are slaughtered here every year.

After being kept in crowded stalls, crates, and fattening pens, the majority of pigs in Ireland are slaughtered using CO2 gas which causes a burning sensation in the eyes, nose, and throat as well as acute respiratory distress. It is not instant, so the pigs panic and struggle to escape. They can often regain consciousness before being bled out.

We saw animals locked for life in dark, filthy conditions, many immobilized and suffering from serious untreated injuries such as wounds, growths, prolapses, and some too weak to stand up. Pigs are often kept in sow stalls (a legal practice in Ireland, although banned in some countries) and farrowing crates that don't even allow them to turn around, let alone walk.

There is no way this industry can excuse or explain why they treat these beautiful, intelligent animals the way they do.

Animal agriculture is known to be the leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions in Ireland, responsible for 38.4% in 2022, mainly methane from farm animals, nitrogen fertiliser, and manure management. Animal farming also presents increased risks for antibiotic resistance and the transmission of zoonotic diseases, such as Covid19.

Ireland's meat sector not only involves injustices to animals but also to farmers and exploited workers. The Migrant Rights Centre Ireland has highlighted that workers in the meat sector are poorly paid, poorly treated, and not a single worker they surveyed said they felt valued. Many Irish farmers also struggle with the financial pressure of staggering debt.

You can help stop this today by going vegan and taking a stand against animal farming. Please contact Animal Rebellion Ireland or NARA for any help you need.

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